Wednesday, May 18, 2011

oxy high performance meet

The heat sheets for the Oxy High Performance meet are out as well as the race schedule. Check out the Men's 1500 championship race. There are 6 olympians in the race including the rabbit (Nick Willis). Events start at 6:45 and should be done by 9:00 pm. Two hours of the fastest mid-distance athletes in the country!

Also an update on the Ryan Hall appearance at Dick's Sporting Goods in Santa Clarita. The rumor is that there is an organized "run with Ryan" at 8:00 am at Dick's followed by autographs at 9:00am. Call to confirm.

Anyone planning on attending either of these events? I am hoping to go to the meet on Saturday night. Let me know if any of you are going.


Chuck said...

Unfortunately I have a High Desert Runners board meeting at 5pm on Saturday. Last month the meeting was on a Wednesday evening and I could not attend due to my work schedule. I told the rest of the board members that Saturday evening works better for me.

Dale Lister said...

NOW I read your blog..... did you go to the meet?

Chuck said...

If you have not heard.....

Saturday evening the High Desert Runners board meeting was at Yolanda Melena's house. While there I learned that her son Steven had run well for UC Irvine at the Big West Conference Championships. In the 5K he was just a little over 5 seconds behind the winner.

Here are his race results: 10K on 5/13/11 9th place 30:59.74 5K on 5/14/11 8th place 14:47.22.