Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clay's Hill Workout

I met Dale and Clay for a Tuesday hill workout. First I ran to Clay's house and then we all ran over to the first hill which is used as a warm up. By now I had run 4 miles of warm up but was no where close to warm as the temp was 20 degrees. Weather.com said the low of 20 would feel like 16 degrees with the light breeze. It was cold, probably the coldest temps I have run in so far this year. That being said we hit the hill on 65th with me chasing Clay who took off hard from the start. Each hill repeat or loop is a half mile long. I finished the first one in 3:28, Clay was 3:35. I ran the next two loops on the Manzanita Hill both in 3:02 and as Clay and Dale headed back I stayed to run one more loop which I hit in 3:07. As I was running home my hands started to get really cold, so cold they started to ache badly. I couldn't wait to get home and warm them up. Even after a hot shower my hands and cheeks were still cold.

Total mileage for today was 8 bringing my monthly total for November to 108. Last week I ran 45 miles (nearly half my monthly mileage) which tells you how my mileage for November looked. Here is a list of my excuses: short taper for Santa Clarita Half Marathon, recovery from the half marathon, a cold, rainy, and windy weekend mid November, and a head cold.

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Chuck said...

Good job on the hill repeats! It has been cold in the mornings, but at least on the aqueduct there has been no wind.

I am interested in hearing your take on the Nike Team Championships vs. the Footlocker Championships. I saw where the top two runners from California are running with their teams in the Nike meet. Elias Gedyon (Loyola) and Ammar Moussa (Arcadia). I am old school. I go back to when the Footlocker race was called Kinney. Back when I was coaching, qualifying for the Footlocker Nationals was the ultimate goal. Antonio Arce and I were so excited when he qualified in 1994! There is so much history behind the Footlocker meet. If you were Elias or Moussa which race would you want to run in?

I finished reading Meb's book "Run to Overcome". I found it to be very enjoyable! On page 120 there is mention of the two Arce brothers that I coached at Palmdale High. In 1994 Antonio was second in the 3200M to Meb at the State Meet.