Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Race Recovery

I woke up Monday morning stiff and sore but got on the treadmill and shuffled for 20 minutes and it really helped loosen me up. I was pretty tired by the end of the day at work.

Today I got in another 5 miles easy recovery running. I actually felt good for three days after the race. Nothing exciting about these runs. It is important to get back out there right away and do some easy running for a week or so.

My right calf feels tighter than the left still but it is the best it has felt in the last three months.

Speaking of three months! It is three months until the Surf City Marathon! Actually less than three months! 12 week build up, looking forward to it! The website says that the marathon is nearly sold out!

The Leona Valley Trail Races website was launched today. Give it a few hits so it will come up on more google searches. Check back for updates, race maps, and elevation profiles!

Tip of the week: The Sports Doc on runners world finally had an interesting post about how donating blood can affect performace. When you give blood the fluid lost is typically replaced within a day if you adequately rehydrate. The red blood cells (which carry oxygen to your muscles) on the other hand, don't return to previous levels for up to 60 days! That means a decrease in endurace performance for 2 months! This is also why they usually make you wait 8 weeks before dontating again. He suggests not giving blood for at least a month before an important competition and 2 months if possible. He certainly promotes giving blood and so do I (although I haven't in a long time). I know some of you that participate in races on a monthly basis. My advice would be to not give blood for at least 60 days before a PR attempt or goal race, and realize that your performance may be affected in other races where you have given blood recently, especially in the last 30 days.


Chuck said...

Glad to hear that your recovery from the half marathon is going very well.

I would appreciate your advice. 2010 has been a sub-standard year for me. My fastest marathon has been the OC in 3:35 and my only half was a 1:38 at Surf City. My goals for the Rocket City marathon on December 11th are: (A) sub-3:15 (B) sub-3:20 (Must) sub-4:00.

My question for you is.....This Saturday I am running the half marathon in Bakersfield with Dale. Should I race all out or use it as a tempo run? My concern with racing it all out is the recovery time afterwards or worst case tweaking something in the race.

Karl Stutelberg said...

Chuck, you are right, I think the recovery would be to long if you run this half marathon too hard. Dec. 11th is coming up quickly. Have you done any of your signiture 10 mile MP runs lately? This half marathon might be a good opportunity to test your fitness with a 1:40ish time. I would go out conservatively for 3 miles, settle in, and then pick it up a little if you feel good in the last 5k. After a 1:40 half you will know if it was "easy" enough to go out in 1:37 at Rocket City or if going out in 1:40 (3:20 marathon) is a more realistic goal. Hope that helps.

Chuck said...

Thank you Karl. I really appreciate and respect your advice.

Last Saturday after an easy 10 miles (8:30 pace), Dale and I ran 4 miles at MP (7:30). Dale's plan was a fast finish 16 miler. We ran the 15th mile in 7:00, but I faded very badly on the 16th mile (7:35 into the wind). I was so disappointed with myself for falling so far behind Dale that I continued on for another 4 miles at MP (7:30). I ended up running the last 10 miles of a 20 miler in 1:14. The next day I ran a easy (8:30 pace) 10 miles without any soreness. That was a good 30 mile weekend and another week of 70+ miles. Also on Oct. 23th I ran the Huntington Beach Distance Derby as a MP workout in 1:15. On Oct. 17th I ran a comfortable 23 miler with the last 5 miles at sub-8 minute pace. My total mileage for the last three months has been: Aug. (215) Sept. (232) Oct. (282). My total mileage includes (2) 26 milers (1) 23 miler (2) 20 milers and (2) 18 milers over this three month period.

What do you recommend as far as training for the last four months?

Karl Stutelberg said...

If you really want to try and run fast in December this is what I would do. I would continue with everything you are doing but with three weeks out I would start cutting the volume by 20% per week. So if you are running 70mpw you would taper to 55 and then 45 leading up to the race. I would continue with the same percentages of MP work during this time. If you are doing 70mpw and 15 of those at MP that is 20% of weekly volume at MP. For example, after Bakersfield, the following week I would do 8-10mi MP run, then 5-6 mile MP run with 1-2 weeks to go. If you run Bakersfield a little faster then you could cut out one of these MP runs to recover. I take back what I said earlier, with the volume you have been maintaining you could run Bakersfield in 1:35-1:37 and be ok, and I think 3:15 will be tough but possible if all the stars are aligned (weather, nutrition, etc). Just listen to your body. Can't wait to hear how it all works out!

Chuck said...

This morning in Bakersfield I ran a very comfortable 1:36:34. My time would have been faster if not for me going straight at about mile 4½ when I should have made a sharp right. I figure that I lost at least 45 to 60 second. My 5th mile split was 8:17 and the first 4 miles were run in 7:10, 7:14, 7:16, 7:15. After this half marathon I feel like a sub-3:15 is going to be tough but like you said "possible if the stars are aligned".

Anonymous said...

Karl, I was just thinking that you may be a good athletic trainer. Ever thought of that?! Mom