Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CIM PHOTOS has posted the race photos. Click HERE then enter my bib number 6480. There are some good ones!

I am still very sore from the run. The first few days my quads would forget to fire at the appropriate time and my knees would hyperextend. They are much better now, but both of my calves are still very tight and sore and get worse as the day goes on. The rolling hills, especially the amount of downhill running, really beat me up.

I also updated my marathon PR on my PR list to the right and added years to each PR listed.

I was looking back at some of my past races and times. I would like to take a shot at my 10 mile PR next year. I know I was faster enroute to my half marathon PR but I can't prove it. If it works out I could also try for my 10k on a fast course, and I would like to go under 18 minutes on a road 5k, which I don't think I have ever done.

I also found some of Andi's race results. I ran with her for both her marathon and half marathon PRs.

She ran 1:33:21 in 2002 on the old Las Vegas Half Marathon course. The same course where my PR was set. She was 5th in her age group that year!

We ran the Los Angeles Marathon together in 2005 and our time was 3:38:43. Andi was 19th in her age group that year!

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Chuck said...

The photos of you with your arm raised, crossing the finish line, are fanastic! It is great that they were able to get the race banner and time clock in the picture. What I found interesting in the pictures of you during the race was that you were all alone. You had to do a lot of work into the headwind without the aid of tucking in behind other runners. This makes your accomplishment all the more impressive!

Andi's half marathon PR is very impressive! Matt & Micah should be very good runners if they decide to take up the sport! They have very fast parents!