Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jingle Jog 2009

Two years ago I ran the Jingle Jog pushing my son Matt in the single jogger. My son Micah was only a month old and not ready to brave the cold weather. I met a college buddy of mine and we pushed our kids for 5k in 22 minutes and 24 seconds! Last year was so cold that we decided not to go. The event was postponed anyways.

This year, the weather was awesome and we got Andi out there with us. I pushed both boys in the double jogger in just under 25 minutes, which included stopping with .1 miles to go to let the boys out to run the rest with us! It took about a mile to break through some of the traffic (our mile split was 8:45) and we got into a groove after that. So I guess this was a double jogger PR for me! A good time was had by all! See Clay's blog for more pictures.


Dale Lister said...

That was you and a friend a couple of years ago with the joggers? That must have been right before I got to know you! Because I remember getting beat by the both of you and thinking, wow, those guys just beat me pushing strollers!

Andi won a medal at the race. I did not pick it up because I was not sure when I'd see you next. Alan said he'd get it to you.

Daniel said...

How bad is it that I can tell you are wearing your 1224's? The laces give it away. Are they still treating you well? I ran in my Kayanos with Tom today, and I figure I have at least a few months left in them.