Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things don't always go as planned

I missed a great week of weather to run in. It has been a beautiful week with lows around 35 and highs around 65-70 (although I am usually at work during those times). I kept putting off runs and not getting up to run in the dark before work.

I decided my weekend workouts would be as follows: a few easy on Friday, 18 miles on Saturday, and an planned easy recovery run on the Leona course with Keira Henninger.

Here is how it really went down.

Food poisoning on Thursday night, well I thought it was food poisoning.
No running on Friday morning, actually no work on Friday morning either.
Drank a full container of Pedialyte and went in for the afternoon but had a headache that got worse throughout the day. I attributed it to dehydration and kept drinking.
I went to bed by 8:30 that night and woke up with the same headache.
I took some alleve and kept drinking and the headache subsided but did not run on Saturday.
We did a TON of yard work instead. I transplanted one rose bush and both of our peach trees.
I felt much better but by the end of the day I was starting to loose my voice.
I thought my legs and back would be sore today, but instead both my scapulae (shoulder blades) feel like I rowed a full marathon! I did a some of the digging sitting down to save my legs.

I met Keira at the Lake Hughes Community Center at 7:00 am. She wanted to review the first 6-8 miles again and talk about aid stations for Leona Divide and Leona Valley Trail Races. Leona Divide is coming up on April 30th. I ran last year there for my first Ultra and it was AWESOME! Well, this year is going to be even better and I am jealous that I am not running this year. I am hoping to do a few of the training runs and go out there for the start of the race. I am pretty sure Clay is planning on running it again this year, and after talking to Keira today I would recommend anyone sign up! It is going to be great.

We ran and hiked for two hours, probably around 12 miles, and had a great time catching up. I am also excited to run her Los Pinos 50k and and Ray Miller 50/50 (Santa Monica Mts/Back Bone Tail) in the coming years.

So, the weekend runs didn't quite go as planned. As I write this post, I am not quite sure I had food poisoning. My son Matthew just came out here with vomit all over himself! YIKES! Oh, and my voice has not quite returned to normal yet!

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Get well soon!