Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 recap & 2011 goals

After looking back at 2010, I realized that most of the highlights were in the first half of the year although there were some great times this fall as well. Here are a few high points.

Top races:
1. Charlotesville 10 miler - (62:02) A PR by 18 seconds on a much more difficult course.
2. Leona Divide 50 miler - My first Ultra and a sub 9 hour finish at an experience I will never forget.
3. Nutty Runner 5k - Probably the windiest race I have ever run in and the first race I have ever won! Also my first race as a "stunt runner."
4. Newhall Independence Day 5k - (18:17) My fastest post collegiate 5k
5. Santa Clarita Half Marathon - (1:23:25) I way over exceeded my goals for this race. It was a good feeling to be able to hold that kind of pace coming off one of the most debilitating injuries I have ever had.
6. HDR Cross Country PCR - (19:42) Perfect weather conditions lead to this performace. 15 seconds faster than ever before on this ridiculously tough course.

Top workouts:
1. Many great long trail runs with Clay in preparation for LD50.
2. This awesome long threshold run in late February after which I knew I was in shape to PR at the 10 mile distance. Oh, this one in March was good too.
3. Spontaneous AV Marathon (3:35:47). I mixed up my wake up call during the time change and met Dale an hour before scheduled. I had run 9 miles before he showed up. We ran another 17 together for a full marathon training run!
4. Big Bear trail run with Andi - We ran from our cabin to the Cougar Crest Trail which lead us up to the PCT out and back.
5. Tough track workout with Zac 6 x 800m. We had extremely windy conditions but took turns leading and ran probably my fastest post collegiate workout. We hit 2:40-2:42 for all but one (the first one). I strained my calf a week later!
6. A great 10k threshold run in December. Nearly fully recovered from my calf injury. Clay and Dale ran 6 x 800m while I ran 6 miles at threshold pace. A great workout!
7. Fast finish long run with Zac - 16 miles total. Last 10 with Zac. Last 5 on sub 7 min pace. Last 3 miles in just over 19 minutes!

There were some great photos from my front door.

I wrote some good short running related articles.

Goals for 2011:
1. I will run 1600 miles in 2011 (I have to aim high right).
2. I will run 2 Boston Qualifying times, one at Surf City and one at Orange County.
3. I will help organize and support the new Leona Valley Trail Races on October 8, 2011 and run either the marathon or half marathon distance.
4. I will run injury free all year.
5. I will run a sub 18 min 5k at Newhall Independence Day 5k.

Read an old article of mine on goal setting here.

I posted some great motivational autographs after a great half marathon time trial with Dale 2 years ago today.

Since others seem to be blogging about their weight I decided to document mine on the 1/1/11. Today I weighed in at 167.4.

Happy New Year! I hope you all have many happy and healthy miles in 2011!


Chuck said...

Best wishes on your 2011 goals!

claypatten said...

Nice post, good luck, yes I was ASLEEP!! You will find as you age you need it after long hard workouts. I am old and was up late, you were just up late.

ecarson said...

Best this year; I am motivated even more after reading your goals.I too hope to meet a number of high goals.

keirahenninger said...

You are so amazing Karl wow!! Wicked fast my friend..wicked fast!!

Daniel said...

Hey Karl, I have a shoe/knee related question. I recently switched to a shoe with more cushion but slightly less support than I am used to. The medial parts of my knees are feeling a little sore at times, I am guessing from pronating a little more than I used to with my older shoes. My mileage has steadily increased and jumped up a bit last week, which might be a factor, as well. My last 5 weeks:
wk 1 - 15.5
2 - 17
3 - 18
4 - 20
5 - 32
Do you think my knee issues are shoe or mileage related (or both)? I'm thinking I should scale back a little this week, back to the mid 20's, after analyzing my last 5 weeks. Should I consider switching back to a more supportive shoe for longer runs & keep my cushioned shoe for speed/tempo work? Thanks for your thoughts!

Karl Stutelberg said...

You are correct on all your thoughts. Switch shoes (you have done well in stability right?), decrease mileage for a week, and stay away from those downhills (you live on a hill now right?). has a great shoe clearance going on right now with Kayano 16s for 75 bucks! Check it out.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Karl. The guy at the shoe store recommended standing backwards on an eliptical machine, just to mix up cross training. Any thoughts on such an activity?