Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nutty Runners 5k Champion!

My plan this morning was to get up early and put in an easy 10 before the Nutty Runners 5k. I woke to gusty winds and crawled back into bed. We got the boys bundled up and ready and headed to Joe Walker for the race. Clay and I dressed as "Nutty" Runners with peanut costumes we found on This was my first race as a stunt runner and I have to say it was very fun. Kids and adults came up to us after the race asking to have their picture taken with us. We sort of ended up being the mascots for the race. The race was well organized and started right on schedule with a good turnout (168 finishers) despite the windy conditions. I took off at a conservative pace with the wind at my back and let a few guys take the race out. I was in second place at the mile and then took the lead soon after the turnaround. Once we turned back west on L-8 my peanut costume became a parachute that made the wind that much more tough. I was waiting for the other runners to pass me up but they never did. I peeked back at the turn toward the track and saw that I had a decent lead. Not realizing that we had 1.5 laps on the track I stopped a lap early and the finish line volunteers said, "you've got one more lap," so I kept going and finished first in 19:12. A 5k PR when wearing a peanut costume! This may also be the first race I have EVER won! People were cheering me on the whole way. "Go peanut guy!" After checking my watch I found that I was actually very evenly paced 5:55, 6:10, 6:15. I stayed at the finish line and cheered everyone else in. Andi pushed the boys and finished in 25:47. She said pushing 100 pounds (jogger and two boys) into the wind was REALLY hard. My nephew Luke and my son Matt both had fun picking a number (lane) and running around the track. Micah was cold and ready to go home. Matt stayed with me and helped pass out medals at the kids half mile run. He enjoyed cheering on the kids. Maybe next year he will run the race. Dale, you put on a great event. The bobble head trophies are excellent. The course is very fast. Without the wind it may be a minute faster. Can't wait for next year! The peanut guy will return to defend his title!
Other race results: Sergio Reyes was 19th at the USA 15k championships today at the Gate River Run in Jacksonville, FL with a time of 45:54.


Ron said...

atta boy! nice work dude you guys are nuts!

Chuck said...

Congratulations on your victory! Your peanut costumes were great!