Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Past LA Marathons

For the log I got in 8 miles today adding some long hills around Quartz Hill including 65th from M to M-8 twice. I finished in 62 minutes. I felt great considering my long run on Sunday.

I have run the LA marathon twice (2004 and 2005). The Los Angeles Marathon was my very first Marathon in 2004. It was a warm day much like it will be this year. I faded towards the end but exceeded my expectations and ran a 3:15. A Boston qualifier didn't seem so far away after that first marathon. I remember meeting my family after the race and saying, "I want to do that again."

I did do it again the next year with Andi. She had already run three marathons and had just broken 4 hours barely. She had run 2-3 half marathons under 1:40 and I told her that she could run under the 3:40 Boston qualifier time if she ran one with me. We ran the 20th Los Angeles marathon together in 2005. We went out a little too fast (I think we were on 3:30 pace at the half) and faded towards the end but pulled off a 3:38! It was another hot day down there. Andi was 18th in her age group that year (F25-29) and 93rd female. I was very proud of her. We both qualified for Boston that year as I went on to run 2:58 that June at Grandma's Marathon.


Chuck said...

Thank you for sharing your past LA Marathon experiences. I enjoyed the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures! Way to go Andi! Yes, Karl, I remember your first. You were incredible to those of us who saw you come in. I have told that story to many people. Mom