Friday, March 12, 2010

Beautiful morning for a 6 miler

We have had beautiful weather the past two mornings. I took a picture from my front door again to brag to all my mid-west readers. I ran up to the aqueduct, ran a bit up there and then back home for 6 miles in about 46 minutes.

I found this video by coach Jay interviewing one of his athletes after a workout before the Gate River 15k this weekend. It made me think about how long it takes a runner to be able to do certain workouts by feel. I was talking with Bob at the running clinic about running recovery runs "by feel." I have been running since I was 12 (18 years now) and just in the last two years have I felt more confident about a good sense of pacing. Growing up in high school I was always the one my coach went to in workouts when the pace was off. I have always been good at pacing others to PRs or certain splits in workouts. Only recently have I felt more confidence in running at threshold pace and marathon pace and knowing how hard I can push for how long. I think it takes many years and tens of thousands of miles to perfect this, and I am far from perfect. Running intervals on a track at different paces certainly helps. Also, sometimes leaving the watch and the ipod at home on a hard workout, and listening to your body's natural cues, can be very enlightening.

Renee Metivier Baillie on training from CoachJayJohnson on Vimeo.

By the way Sergio Reyes is also running at the USA 15k championships at the Gate River Run in Jacksonville, FL tomorrow. I will post results when I get them.

Finally, there is an event in Las Vegas tomorrow that I would love to try next year called "Scale the Strat." It is a race up the stair well, 108 stories, to the top of the Stratosphere Tower. Prelims Saturday and a top-50 final on Sunday. I think I could be competitive.

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