Sunday, March 7, 2010

8 mile PCT run with Andi

Today I got to take Andi out on some of the trail that I have been running for the last few months. We met Clay, who is still sick, at the PCT and San Fransisquito Rd. for his mountain trail fun run. There was a good turnout, I'd say close to 20 people. I didn't know how far we would make it and we decided to turn around at 4 miles for time reasons only, for a total of 8 miles. It was fun to show Andi parts of the course that I will be running in 6 weeks. She loves trail running and doesn't get to go out there very often. I don't think she has been running on the PCT since we moved out here. Thanks Clay for hosting the event and taking some pictures even though I know you were not feeling 100%. Ok probably not even 50%.

This was a high mileage weekend for Andi with a total of 18 miles!

I was pretty sore last night after my 18 miler yesterday and I was worried about how stiff I would feel today. My legs were surprisingly fresh today so I was pleased with the weekend. I have three weekends left to get in at least two 25+ mile trail runs. I hope it works out.

It is official, 2008 Badwater champion and 3 time Leona Divide winner (2006-2008) Jorge Pacheo will return this year for another shot at the LD50. We are up to 129 participants!


Chuck said...

Great job to both Andi and you this past weekend. I really enjoyed the 10 mile run with Andi on Saturday. From the way she looked, I believe that her upcoming Iron Girl Triathlon is going to be a fun race for her. She should fly by a lot of girls on the run!

Best of luck to the both of you!

Dale Lister said...

Andi won't be passing too many out there on the run. It is hard to pass from the lead....

Karl, what is your plan for Sunday. I have the morning off from worship leading so I have unusual flexibility. I plan an easy paced 20 miler. Maybe some hills would not hurt?