Sunday, March 21, 2010

10 mile evening run

After a very busy weekend I headed out for 10 more miles to make my weekend total 32! That makes 2 more than Dale! Not that we are competing or anything. I should be running more weekend miles, I am running a 50 miler in four weeks. Dale is running the Boston Marathon in 4 weeks! I am excited for you Dale!

I felt great this morning. I had minimal leg soreness from yesterday's long trail run. After a full day of yard work and playing with the boys I was a little more sore and tired. I was able to maintain a good even effort over the 10 miles tonight. I finished in 1:21:50 (avg pace 8:11). I stayed in Quartz Hill tonight and did a 1 mile hill, a half mile hill, and a 1.5 mile hill.

The LA Marathon was this morning.
Congratulations to Ron and Julie Gallagher who finished their first marathon together in 5:31:08. You know less than 1% of the population runs these marathons. Welcome to the club. We are proud of you both.
Congratulation also to Chuck Fieland who finished his 21st LA Marathon in 3:57:18.
It was fun to follow you all online.
Heard it was a hot one down there.

Wesley Korir was the LA Marathon champion with a time of 2:09:19.
Aimee if you are reading this, Wesley was also on his honeymoon in Los Angeles, and also brought his coach along!

From the LA Times:
Korir arrived in Southern California on Monday, with personal coach Ron Mann in tow to help keep him focused during a weeklong honeymoon in which the runner said he did little besides train and stay inside his hotel.

"I'm not sure I could have handled a marathon on my honeymoon," Mann said, "but he's got a special relationship with Tarah."

Said Korir: "Every time I was running, I was thinking about her."


Chuck said...

Karl...You are in amazing shape! Great job this weekend.

I really enjoyed the new course and all of the crowd support along the way. Unfortunately I had a rough day. See my comment on Dale's blog.

Congratulations to Ron and Julie. You guys are awesome! Welcome to the marathon club!

Dale Lister said...

Actually, you only beat my weekend by just 1! I did 11 Saturday and 20 Sunday. Unless, I count Friday. Does a Friday run count as a weekend run if it is run after work on Friday? Doesn't the weekend start when you get off of work on Friday? LOL.... But, either way, I am pretty sure I got you on the weekly total.....

All kidding aside, your training has been impressive as of late!