Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LA Marathon

No, I'm not running the LA marathon "stadium to the sea" although I kind of wish I were. It should be lots of fun and good weather! My good friends Ron and Julie Gallagher are running it together for their first marathon! They have been training hard and are ready to tackle the long run to the beach. Good luck you guys.

One of my other readers Chuck Fieland is also running I believe his 20th LA marathon (correct me if I am wrong). Good luck to you as well.

Last year Dean Karnazes ran from Santa Barbara to the LA marathon for the race. This year he is working with a new product called the Elliptigo and is currently riding it from his home in San Fransisco to the LA marathon expo on Saturday. I assume he is also running the race on Sunday. If you want to see someone with 3-4% body fat check out this picture of Dean's calf here.

One church along the LA marathon course is canceling services on Suday due to limited access to the chuch. I remember this being an issue with the race planning for many years. They wanted to change it to a holiday Monday, but it makes much more sense to run the race in March. Read Runners World daily blog for details.
Also wanted to post a link to some great articles on research done with the Boston Marathon. Great info to read over. The most amazing stat was they found 13% of Boston finishers had some level of hyponatremia!

151 entrants for the LD50!


Chuck said...

Dean Karnazes is amazing! I am looking forward to running the new "stadium to the sea" course this Sunday. Thank you for the well wishes. This will be my 21st consecutive LA Marathon. My plan is to follow your advice from your December 16th post. Run a 3:30 (8 min/pace), enjoy the event, and then try to run a sub-3:15 in Vermont.

Best of luck to Ron and Julie!

Karl Stutelberg said...

I think that is a good plan. With temperatures close to 80 degrees it will not be a PR day anyway. Enjoy the new course and the atmosphere. It should be a fun day!