Friday, March 26, 2010


I have not done any running this week. I have been really tired and as they say, “Life got in the way.” Not the best timing but what can you do. That being said I would not recommend anyone trying to copy or mimic my training program. It can be sporadic and certainly not ideal. Feel free to use workouts that I post in your own training plan, but the week to week mileage is not a good model to go by.

I have been thinking about marathon barriers.
3:10 is the Boston Qualifier for under 35 years of age
3:00 was the Boston Qualifier in 1976 under 40 years of age
2:55 is an automatic qualifier at NYC under 40 years of age
2:50 was the Boston Qualifier in 1980 under 40 years of age
2:47 is the Women’s Olympic Trials “B” standard
2:39 is the Women’s Olympic Trials “A” standard
2:19 is the Men’s Olympic Trials standard

I hit the 3:10 and 3:00 barriers at one time at Grandma's Marathon 2005 in Duluth, MN. I have always thought it would be cool to have qualified for the Boston Marathon with a 2:50 which was the standard for many years before it was loosened to make the field larger. I also had this crazy idea to go back to CIM 2011 in Sacramento and try and hold on to the pace group for the Women's "B" standard. They said they would have a 2:47 pace group (6:22/mi) next year. I know I can hold on for 13.1. If I could hold on for 20 I could finish the last 10k at 7:00 pace and still hit 2:50!

172 entrants for the LD50!

Did you miss the LA marathon? Here is the entire field in one minute.


Chuck said...

I believe with the proper training you are capable of running with the 2:47 pace group. Breaking the 2:50 barrier would be very sweet!

I looked for Ron, Julie, and myself in the video, but we were running so fast that it was hard to see us!

Dale Lister said...

I saw you in there Chuck. Look on the left side at 21.03 seconds..... jk.... Very cool video...