Thursday, February 25, 2010

12 miles total (9 mile tempo run)!

The weather this evening was PERFECT! I left at about 8:30pm for my favorite long tempo run route. The Rancho Vista loop with 2 loops around Marie Kerr Park. I hadn't run hard in a while and I have a feeling that I am not going to get the planned mileage in for Saturday's long trail run (90% chance of rain). It started off as a 10 mile run like 2 weeks ago, but as I was running I decided to push through 10 and then do a 2 mile cool down.

The first mile was a progressive warmup in 7:06, then I dropped the hammer.

6:34, 6:26, 6:41, 6:20, 6:11, 6:32, 6:19, 6:28, 6:10!
(There are some long gradual downhills towards the end, hence the faster miles).

The cool down miles were 8:02 and 7:16.
Yeah I know 7:16 is not a cool down finish but I was so close to breaking 1 hour 20 minutes for 12 miles that I pushed it in. I hit 10 miles in 64:50 and I finished the 12 miles in 1:20:10 (avg 6:41 pace)!

The 9 tempo miles were done in 57:45 (6:25 pace)!

I felt stronger on the last 3 miles of the tempo portion than I did two weeks ago but both of my calves will be sore tomorrow.

I have been holding out on announcing a new race on my schedule until it was official. I am attending a medical conference at the University of Virginia with my colleague and friend Ron Gallagher at the beginning of April. The conference is titled Running Through the Ages and will focus on running related issues from adolescence through the mature years. The presenters will be physicians and physical therapists and the keynote speaker is 1972 Olympic marathon gold medalist Frank Shorter. See the information packet here. The main conference is Friday and Saturday afternoon there is research presentations. Saturday morning is the Charlottesville 10 miler which Ron and I are signed up for. I have been wanting to do a 10 miler for a while so I am excited. Based on the course and it being so close to LD50 I don't think it will be a PR situation but after tonight's run (64:50) I should be darn close. My PR is 62:20.

I am very excited to bring back some of the latest medical information on running to my readers and my patients in the clinic. It should be outstanding.

52 days til Boston Dale!

Leona Divide has 103 entrants to date.

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Chuck said...

Great job on your 9 mile tempo run. You were smoking! It appears that your long trail runs have not effected your leg speed that much. If anything the endurance base should help you in your attempt at a 10 mile PR.

I checked out the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. It looks like a very nice small town, with a lot of history. It should be a fun & interesting trip.