Sunday, February 28, 2010

17 mile on LD50 course

I got up EARLY to get to the Lake Hughes Community Center (the start and finish of the LD50) by sun-up. I started running at 6:15 am in beautiful weather. I wore a jacket and was overdressed again, although there were some cold spots in the shade. Since I was ONLY doing 17 today I decided to push the effort a little bit faster than I would on race day. I also needed to get back in time for Andi to leave for her run at 9:30am. I ran the first 12.9 miles of the LD50 and then turned down the finish stretch for an extra 3.9 for a total of 17 miles. I don't have an exact time due to forgetting to restart my garmin at one point but I estimate my time was about 2 hours 18 minutes. Clay gave me some Accel-gel that I took at one hour and I liked it quite a bit. Clay was right when he said that it was not as sweet and sugary as some of the other gels and tasted like pudding. There is a good amount in each pouch as well. It took me four squeezes it get it all out. That lasted me until about the two hour mark and then I started to feel tired and hungry again. I will have to continue to practice on this "fueling on the run" thing. I have continued to use my camelback style backpack on the long trail runs but I don't think I will use it on race day. I sweat too much with it on.

At noon we loaded up the family for Thousand Oaks. I was asked by my brother-in-law Clark to speak at a small program to some student athletes at Cal Lutheran on sports injury prevention. With some small modifications, I was able to use some of the presentation on recovery that Clay and I are presenting next Saturday. We had about 10 athletes show up, and after some audio-video technical difficulties we all sat around the lap top and I presented my power point presentation to them. Most of the group was distance runners and I hope they took home some information that they can implement into their own training. Anyway, it was fun.

Monthly mileage total after a fairly consistent month of February was 174 miles. I am hoping for close to 200 in March!

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