Sunday, February 14, 2010

7 mile recovery run

I got out for an hour while the boys were napping today. We have had a glorious weekend of weather. I was running in shorts sleeves and enjoying every step. I decided to try and get a few more miles on trail so I headed up to the end of 55th, ran under the aqueduct for the first time, and went up to the Joshua Ranch Trail. I didn't realize how nice of a trail that is. If I do run to Acton next week I will take that route. It may be a little longer than the road, but it is much more fun and scenic. I turned around at the second bench, the high point, which is exactly 5k from my house. I ran back on the aqueduct and came home on Godde Hill Rd. As I was running down the hill a man on a bike came up along side of me and slowed down. It was Clay! He was out for a recovery bike ride and had just been to the top of Godde. He coasted down to my house with me and I finished my 7 miles in 61 minutes. I wished I had time to go farther on the Joshua Ranch trail. By the time I got up to the top my legs were finally loosening up and ready to go.

Total weekend mileage: 25

Total weekend trail mileage: 21

Andi ran an "easy" 10 this morning in 79 minutes. She is running 1-2 treadmill workouts during the week and a longer run on the weekend. She is also swimming once a week with her mom and got in a 20 mile bike ride on Saturday. She is all signed up for the Iron Girl short course triathlon in Las Vegas May 15.

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Chuck said...

Great job on another outstanding weekend of running. Sounds like you are really enjoying the trail running.

Looks like Andi is going to be in great shape for the AFLAC Iron Girl Triathlon. 10 "easy" miles in sub-8 minute pace. Way to Andi! I checked out the website for the race. Looks like a fun event.