Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6 mile COLD morning run

I got out for a run this morning and man was it cold out there. The sky was clear and there was no wind at all but the temp was around 30 degrees. It took me 40 minutes to warm up and my run was 50 minutes long. I never run well in cold morning runs. Today was just about getting the time in.

I have been researching fall half marathon still and wanted to let my readers know that if anyone is thinking about running either Long Beach on October 17 or Santa Barbara International November 7 (marathon or half marathon), the early bird rates go up starting in March. So if you want a cheaper price and are certain to be running sign up now.

Leona Divide entrants now at 92!

53 days to go!


Chuck said...

Good job getting in the miles. Thank you for the information on the half marathons.

I was out on the aqueduct at 6am this morning and it was cold!

Daniel said...

I tried running this morning, took about 20-30 steps, turned around and called it. I squeaked in 6 miles before sunset, though, and it was quite a bit warmer. I can't wait for Daylight Savings!!

johnking said...

Thanks for that link. Wes is an awesome guy. I see him around a lot, very humble kid...he has great potential!

Daniel said...

Hey Karl, Random question: I'm doing a 10k at the end of a recovery week, 5 weeks out from my marathon. How should I recover from the 10k and keep building mileage during the next week of training? Should I skip the mid-week tempo run and shoot for a fast-finish long run a week after the 10k instead? That way I keep it easy the first 6-7 days following a race...no hard running until my fast finish...you like?

Karl Stutelberg said...

Sounds good to me. A little mini taper for the 10k followed by some easy miles and a long hard run the next weekend. You can totally handle it. Sub 40 min? A good plan.