Thursday, February 18, 2010

9 mile Thursday!

I used to have nine mile Thursday every week when I was training for Boston in 2008. I usually did some form of progression run ending at threshold pace for a mile or two. Today I zig zagged my way through Quartz Hill area between 50th W. and 70th W. and got as far north as L-8 running hard up all the hills and finished the 9 miles in exactly 72 minutes (8:00 pace avg). It was a little breezy in the morning and it was gusty by the afternoon. Is this the start of the spring winds? I'm not looking forward to that. That's all I have for ya today. Hope everyone is having a good week!


Daniel said...

It has been a beauty! Highlight workout: 6 miles of tempo work at 6:50 pace. Felt great to push it a little. My 10k at the end of March is going to be fast!

Karl Stutelberg said...

Dan, glad to hear your training is progressing nicely. Keep up those long tempo runs, they are key!