Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pasadena Half Marathon

No, I didn't run the Pasadena Half Marathon this morning, but my wife Andi and her siblings (Louise and Clark) did with their dad Don for his 60th birthday! They snuck the race in between rain storms and had what Andi called perfect weather. It was overcast and cool, from the pictures it looked great. They kept a very even pace going through the 10k in 60:44 (9:47 pace) and even picked it up a little to finish all together in 2:07:10 (9:42 pace). I only hope that I can still run a half marathon when I am 60, but even more so, I hope that my boys are able to run one with me. I thought it was such a great idea for all Don's kids to run it with him. He has been building up his mileage over the past 4 months for this race. Congratulations Don and Happy Birthday! He was even in the top 10 in his age group! When's the next one Don?

It started pouring ran up here just before Andi got home and I told her that I wanted to get in a run so I got the treadmill all ready to go. Just as I started running the rain stopped, I jumped off the treadmill, went out to the living room and said, "never mind I'm running outside!" I got in a good 10 miler which included two times up 65th from M to M-8 and then up 70th to the aqueduct and back home. I pushed the pace a little on the aqueduct running around 6:50-7:10 pace and felt good about the effort involved considering my long run yesterday. I finished the 10 miles in 79 minutes (just under 8:00 pace).

31 miles for the weekend.

I have been reading some blogs and articles on training for an ultra-marathon and most of them suggest the back-to-back long run plan. One article suggested that even the elite ultra runners don't do too many runs longer than 30 miles but they would do 25 one day and 20 the next. If I can get in 30+ mile weekends for the next month I think I will be in good shape.


Chuck said...

Andi & you sure have a neat way of celebrating milestone birthdays! Congratulations to Andi, her siblings, and father on a day to remember. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!

Stutelberg Family said...

When we finished my dad was joking about climbing Mt Everest when he turned 70 and my sister said "Why don't we go to a resort or on a cruise!"

Anonymous said...

Give my best to your dad, Andi! What a great birthday celebration! Jeanette

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karl,
How about the Las Vegas Half in the fall? Don

Dale Lister said...

Congrats to your Andi's dad and family.... but I don't know Karl, you made 60 sound like it is old!! To some of us, 60 is not too far off in the distance....

Karl Stutelberg said...

I checked into fall half marathons last night and I think the 135 dollar price tag on the Las Vegas half makes it out of the question. I am looking at Santa Clarita, Long Beach, Bakersfield...maybe all of the above!

I didn't mean for that connotation on my post at all. I only hope I can run 1:31 when I am YOUR AGE Dale!