Thursday, February 4, 2010

6 mile run in Quartz Hill

I got up this morning for a run before work. You could feel the weather coming. The forecast calls for rain the next two days. I ran 6 miles and each got progressively faster. I think it took me around 46 minutes for the run and after two miles of warm up I pushed it for a mile up 65th, then had a half mile downhill before another push up 60th, and headed home. My legs have felt good this week and I am hoping this leads to a good two months of training ahead.

If you like documentaries on runners or running coaches I have seen a few good ones lately. Running the Sahara was a great documentary that I received for Christmas, I highly recommend it. I also saw most of Run For Your Life, the life story of Fred Lebow (the director of the New York City Marathon. If you have netflix you can stream it on your computer. There is also a documentary titled The Long Green Line about York HS Coach Joe Newton. Coach Newton has written books on coaching high school runners and his team has won 25 state titles in Illinios in 50 years. You can watch the whole movie for free on here.

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Chuck said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling good. I just finished watching the whole movie "The Long Green Line". I really enjoyed it! Thank you!