Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Short but effective

I had 45 minutes this morning to get in a run. I opted for the treadmill again because it has been wet and cold and I didn't want to spend the first 30 minutes trying to warm up. I started the treadmill at an incline of 3.0 and set the speed for 7.5 mph or about 8:00/mi. I continued there for 15 minutes of warm up. Then I started to increase the speed. For the next 5 minutes I ran at 8.5mph, then increase to 9.0 for another 5 minutes. After that I started increasing the speed by .1mph every minute until I got to 9.5 mph and then maxed out the speed on my treadmill at 10.0 mph for another mile. I finished with a cool down mile at 7.5 mph again. I finished the 6 miles at a 3.0 grade in 43:40 and got a good 20 minutes of threshold type running. The first 10 minutes were a little slower than T-pace and the last mile was a little faster than T-pace. It was a good workout in 45 minutes.

A few announcements:
Clay Patten and I are continuing our free running clinic series on March 6th at 11:00am at Valley Physical Therapy Group in Lancaster, CA. The topic is Recovery: The key to getting fitter and avoiding injury. We will be discussing post workout recovery, adding recovery into your training plans and a specific marathon recovery plan. I hope you all can come.

The following day, March 7th, Clay is hosting a mountian fun run starting at the PCT and San Fransisquito Rd on an out and back course that would be a maximum 15.5 miles. It is a great and challenging section of trail. See the high desert runner website for details.

Finally, is having their annual super clearance sale starting Friday, Febuary 12th. Check it out online right away as many items go quickly.

73 entrants so far for the LD50. I think they usually get twice that. 66 days til the race.

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