Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marathon pace run?

I didn't get in my morning run as planned so I decided to go after the boys went to bed. I decided not to go on Friday morning based on my history of not getting up for morning runs. I figured it is warmer now than it will be at 6:00am, so I put on my reflective vest and left for an 8-10 miler. I wasn't exactly sure how far I would feel like going. I decided to do the Ranco Vista loop which is 7.5 but can easily be extended. I left my house and got into a groove right away. I looked down at my watch at one mile and saw 6:26! Turns out when I got home and uploaded my Garmin there was a little glitch in the data but I'm sure it was under 7 min. Once I saw that and felt good I decided to just maintain this "groove" that I was in and not push any harder. There was a wind blowing from the west but I was running south east for the first 5 miles and didn't feel it until the second half of the run. I did a loop around Marie Kerr Park and then headed back home. I extended the end of the run by running up to the end of N-8 and came home on 55th. The 9 mile mark was up on the hill there and I just hit one hour exactly. I cruised downhill for the last mile and ended the run in 1:07:12 (6:43 pace). Only the last two miles, which included some uphill into the wind, were tough. I felt really good. Sometimes when you don't have a hard workout the next day and you feel good, it is ok to just go for it! I like to be able to run by feel. If I feel crappy I take it easy. If I feel good, then lets go. This evening was one of those runs that as I was finishing I was thinking, "I want more!" Here were my mile splits 6:26 (Garmin glitch), 7:09, 6:39, 6:44, 6:34, 6:45, 6:33, 6:43, 6:26. 7:07.

I just found this video of Jim Ryun winning the mile at the Kansas State HS meet in 3:58.3. There is no sound but you can almost hear what is going on when he crosses the finish line. Wonderful that someone was recording this race on video in 1965. He is still the only high school runner to break 4 minutes at a high school meet.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Here is a picture of the finish line. I found it on another blog and under the picture the blogger wrote, "I love this photo. From the jubilant official leaping in the air, to the thrill of the moment written plain on the faces of the fans, to Ryun's expression of pure agony and effort. This is a photo of a person who has reached the very limit of his potential, who has absolutely nothing left. I love the dirt track, the shoes, the uniform. I love everything about this photo." I couldn't agree more.

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