Saturday, February 27, 2010

4 mile recovery run

I bagged the trail run today due to a steady rain and wind most of the day. I just got in a 35 minute easy recovery run as my legs were still a little stiff from Thursday night's workout. I may try and head out in the morning.

Congratulations to my mom who ran her first 5k in 25 years and placed third in her age group with a time of 31:10! My step dad, who is one year recovered from major back surgery, walked the course in about an hour. A year ago he couldn't walk to the end of the block! Congratulations to both!


Chuck said...

Congratulations to your mother and step father on their outstanding accomplishments!

Dale Lister said...

yes! Congrats to your mother and stepfather. It is awesome to hear that they are out there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Karl! That really meant a lot to Brad. You are such a great support to both of us. We really appreciate it! Mom