Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back at it...10 miler

I took a two week break, not something I would recommend when you are signed up for a marathon in 6 weeks. I have been struggling with motivation. It is a tough time of year to run early in the morning, and I have NEVER been a morning person. My time to run is any time before 7:00am and it is just plain tough for me to get up before 6! I suppose I could run at night but I am just darn tired after work and getting the kids to bed. I had a bad head cold for about 4 or 5 days, and after that the weather turned ugly with high winds, colder temps, and rain over the past week. I just can't force myself to roll out of bed, get dressed and then get blasted by 30 mph cold wind.

Well, I left the house today at 5:45am. I ran my Rancho Vista loop but added two laps around Marie Kerr Park to make it an even 10 miler. Total time was 74:14 (just under 7:30 pace). I was just under 8:00 pace after 5, so my last 5 were just under 7:00 pace. The wind was not bad and as I came back on Rancho Vista there was a slight mist in the air. It felt harder than it should have but what can I expect after two weeks off.

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ecarson said...

That was a tough run; I am one that though I have been married 15 1/2 years, do not have to think about normal obligations when it comes to kids. Your motivation should be that you keep a number of others motivated. Honestly, besides being a part of a running community via the net and seeking knowledge, I love reading other blogs by runners; when I see them working hard, it reminds me to work hard.