Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shoe donation

I recently went through my closet and got all the old pairs of running shoes out. I wanted to find a good organization to send them to. There are quite a few groups that collect shoes and take them to people around the world that can use them, not necessarily for running, but for protection and hygenie as well. One of the main ones is Soles 4 Souls which states that they would take new or "gently used" shoes. I think most of my shoes were more than just "gently used" so I continued to research. I found another site by Nike Reuse a Shoe that recycles used running shoes. They take them apart and grind them down, then use the material to make athletic fields including tracks. I decided that this is the way I would go, so I boxed them up. I went down to the post office and asked them what the cheapest price to ship the box would be. It ened up being around 18 dollars, so I decided to hold onto them. I figured Nike was going to make money on my old shoes anyway, and didn't like that idea either. Then a friend of ours told us that Sport Chalet was collecting used shoes for Soles 4 Souls to send over to Japan and give to the victims of the tsunami. Andi and I both boxed up a bunch of used shoes and took them over on Saturday. They are taking donations until April 10th so if you have old shoes you would like to donate some where, and have a Sport Chalet nearby, it is a great and easy way to help out some people that realy need it.

Andi made a good point. She said, "Karl, how many Japanese people will be able to fit in your size 13 shoes?" A few I hope.

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