Monday, April 18, 2011

House to House run

We were in Las Vegas/Henderson, NV for the weekend. Saturday morning I am usually pretty tired and I sleep in a little. Sunday I got up early and went for a run. My good friend Ron recently bought a new house and I decided to run over there and meet him on his recovery run. He and his wife Julie had competed in the Rage Triathlon at Lake Mead the day before and both PR'd in their races! Congrats to you both. The city of Henderson has been working on a network of bike paths around town that are all interconnected. I took part of one trail over to Ron's house. It was exactly 4.5 miles from my mom's house to Ron's house. I arrived a little early so I ran through the neighborhood and found the entrance to the River Mountain Loop Trail. This bike path connects the eastern side of Henderson to Boulder City and Lake Mead. They are doing final construction that will make it a full 35 mile loop. I ran another 3 miles on the RMLT and then met Ron and his dog Sulley for a 3 mile trail run. Ron's house is in a great location for biking and running. There is no need to drive anywhere to get started. Total mileage for today was 10.

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WE enjoyed it too!!