Thursday, October 9, 2008

8 mile easy run (59:48)

My left calf has been sore again since my hilly 14 miler in Prescott, AZ. This time it is on the medial head at the proximal insertion (near the knee). I took Tuesday off and it has been feeling better each day, so I ran today (8 miles with average pace of 7:28). I ran over to Joe Walker Middle Schoool, did a loop around the block, and then headed home. I will post splits at home tonight. Each mile was faster than the previous with the last mile just under 7:00 (8:10, 8:02, 7:42, 7:26, 7:15, 7:07, 7:01, 6:57). My left calf was a little sore but it seems to be loosening up as the day goes on.

There is just over two weeks until the Boney Mountain 21k (half marathon). I looked at previous results and it is either a REALLY tough course, or I have a good shot at placing. There were only two guys last year under 1:40. I should be able to do that (famous last words).

In other news: My son Micah (11 months) took his first steps this week. He is so proud of himself. He can stand up in the middle of the floor and take 3-4 steps and then fall into my arms with a big grin on his face. It is pretty cute. I'll try and get some video to post. He'll be running in no time.

There is a Turkey Trot in Palmdale this year put on by HDR Dale Lister. Should be a good time. Andi and I are talking about pushing the boys, or maybe running together, if we can get baby-sitters.

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