Sunday, October 5, 2008

Prescott, AZ 7 miles + 7 miles =14 miles

I am in Prescott, AZ for the weekend for my grandpa's funeral spending time with family. My grandmother is living in an assisted living facility that her and my grandpa moved into about 2 months ago. Their house is nearly empty but my uncle John and his wife Linnea stayed there over the weekend. I decided I would run from my hotel to the house and back. Mapquest said it was 7.2 miles each way.

Prescott is a mile high city, so the elevation is a little higher than I am used to but it did not seen to affect me too much. The temperature and weather were near perfect (around 50 degrees at my 7:00 am start). I ran to the house in 52:36 (avg 7:31). It is quite hilly around here too. I then spent an hour at the house visiting, then ran back to the hotel the same way in 49:57 (avg 7:08). I thought it would be harder coming back and it was (the last two miles were almost all up hill) but I was pushing it a little bit on the way back running around marathon pace. I will post miles splits and elevation changes when I get home. 14 miles total with an hour break half way. Total time for 14 miles was around 1:42 minutes.

Mile splits for the first 7 miles: 7:29, 7:72, 7:19, 7:15, 7:19, 7:51, 8:00

Mile spits for the second 7 miles: 7:04, 6:50, 6:56, 7:02, 7:20, 7:27, 7:15

The start and finish elevation for each run was about 5700ft with the low point about half way at 5300ft (the elevation chart looks like a "U"). There was about 800ft of ascent and descent on each run.

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