Monday, January 26, 2009

6x2 minute intervals: total 7 miles (51:29)

I was wide awake this morning at 6am and haven't run hard intervals in a while and my legs felt good right out the door. The workout today was 6x2 minute intervals with equal recovery (2min). It ends up being equivalent to 6x600m on the track. 6 was what time permitted today, I probably could have done one or two more. During each 2 minute segment I ran between .35 and .37 miles which averages 5:34 to 5:40 pace per mile. I did a 2 mile warm up and a 1.5 mile cool down for a total of 7 miles in 51:29 (avg pace 7:21). Almost equal time to my 7 mile run yesterday but this was a much harder workout.

It was a good workout today, but remember it takes one minute to reach your VO2max so I get a total of 6 minutes at VO2max today. To optimally work on VO2max long intervals are better because you get more time credit. 800s or 1200s (3-4 minute intervals) I think are optimal. Not too long, but long enough to get some good time spent at VO2max. If I had done 6x3 min intervals I would get credit for 12 minutes at VO2max. The key is to stress your system at your maximum oxygen update so that you are able to utilize more oxygen per minute.

I had a friend email me the other day that wanted to know what his training paces should be if he wants to qualify for Boston. Being under 35 years old, his qualifying time is 3:10. Answer: When you are near 3:10 shape your long runs should be between 7:45-8:30 pace, marathon pace is 7:15, threshold pace (tempo pace) is 6:50-7:00, and you should be running intervals at 6:15-6:30. Race equivalents for a 3:10 marathon are a 19:30 5k, 40:30 10k, and a 1:30 half marathon. You probably can't run near these paces right now since you are just starting your training. The best way to determine your current training paces is to run a mile or 5k time trial and plug your time into the VDOT calculator. I would also suggest running a few miles at your marathon goal pace now, even if it is 1 or 2 miles in the beginning and adding a mile every few weeks. You will know you are ready when you can run 10-12 miles at your marathon goal pace and consider it a moderate workout. As far as weekly mileage is concerned everyone is different. It depends on how many days a week you are running and how much time you have to train. I know that I can get into 3:00 marathon shape with running about 4 days a week and about 40 miles per week. To get down to 2:50 I might have to put in a few more. I hope that answers your question Dan! Good luck. I think you should get your brother involved in this one!


Ron said...

First of all your a machine...Yes I would like to be running more. My thought was I am trying to build my swimming and biking base and continue to maintain my running base. Based on time trial I am still maintaining or even a little faster runner. The ocean swim for SD has me concerned. Everything else I think I can do well. I think I can do the sprint in about 3 hours or so. SD will help with that too. I think training for half marathon while getting ready for the sprint will be perfect timing. Also what about running rnr phoenix next year full 1-2 months after my half silverman?

Dale Lister said...

Hmmmmm, 3:10 marathon....... Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself

Ron said...

In that comment I meant olympic distance. not sprint. What do you think about increasing the running miles after the half and pursue the marathon?