Sunday, January 18, 2009

Colorado Trip

For those of you wondering why I have not posted for the last 10 days it is because I was on vacation! We drove up to Mesa, Colorado where Andi's grandmother has a cabin and we stayed for 5 days. The only internet access was dial up and not worth the hassle so here is the summary of our week.

We arrived in Colorado on Sunday the 11th.

Monday I ran the Wagonwheel run which is 10k total on an out and back course from the cabin to the Wagonwheel bar in the town of Mesa. It is all downhill for 5k then all uphill back to the cabin for a total of 10k. The start is about 6450ft elevation and the turnaround is at about 5700ft. We used to keep track of our best times on this run but I couldn't find the old results to compare my time. I ran 47:41 (avg pace 7:41) at about 75% effort on the way down and 85-90% effort on the way up. My mile splits were 7:34, 7:33, 7:11, (5k split about 23 min), then 7:51, 8:18, 7:44 on the way up. The first and last .6 mile is on a dirt road which is covered in snow and ice so you have to run a little slower to stay in control.

Tuesday I had 30 minutes to get in a workout so I ran the .6 miles to the highway to warm up and then did 6x1 minute intervals up hill with equal rest running slow downhill. The grade on the hills peaked at 10-15% but averaged about 5-10%. I finished with a cool down back to the cabin for a total of 4 miles in almost exactly 32 minutes (avg 8:00 miles).

Wednesday afternoon my father-in-law Don and I drove up to the top of the mesa and cross country skied at Mesa Lakes (about 9800ft elevation). I cross country skied 4.5 miles in 1:04:20. See pictures below.
Thursday afternoon Andi and I drove up top again to cross country ski on some groomed trails called Skyway. It was beautiful and we ended up skiing 5k in 50 minutes and peaked at 10,700ft elevation. See pictures below.I also did about a mile of snow shoeing and learned the hard way that your feet get pretty cold if you wear running shoes strapped onto the snowshoes. We took the boys sledding and got Matt on downhill skis and cross country skis for the first time. They both had fun in the snow.We also downhill skied, ski jumped, practiced soccer headers, tight rope walked, and played baseball, golf, bowling, and tennis all on the Crane's Nintendo Wii.

I am not counting the cross country skiing miles on total mileage but they sure made my adductors sore!

We returned home on Saturday night and today Andi and I both took turns running in the morning. I ran over to our new house with an extra loop around Lane park. It was a threshold workout starting with 2.25 mile warm up, then 2 miles at threshold pace 12:30 (6:12+6:18), then 2 minutes easy, then .5 miles uphill on 55th St. in 3:20, then a 1 mile cool down. Total mileage was 6 miles in 42:46 (avg pace 7:08). The threshold pace portion started on L-8 from 45th to 55th, then one loop around Lane Park for a total of 2 miles.

Total running mileage over the last 10 days was 16. Time to get back on a routine.

Congratulations to my buddy Ron who PR'd this weekend at a 5k in 26:24 after a 20 minute warm up on his bike. This time also improved his VDOT since his mile time trial last November.


Ron said...

actually the Vdot was a little worse by a few tenths of a point. But I happy with no where near the amount of miles and no lost running specific fitness. It was good to see ya and I will talk to ya soon.

Dale Lister said...

Looks like lots of fun!
Welcome Back!

Ron said...

yeah helps keep me focused. I like getting wrapped up in that and makes things go by faster and I like the sense of accomplishment each new activity. What cool pictures!! Now that Im back on your page!!!