Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hill Repeats at 70th & Aqueduct

I met Clay and his son Zach at the hill that leads up to the aqueduct at the end of 70th St. West. For those of you not from this area this has to be the steepest paved roads around. I did a 30 minute warm up starting from our NEW HOUSE! Yes, we bought a house in Quartz Hill, CA near N and 50th St. West. It was a foreclosure, hard to find one that isn't these days. We have some work to do to get it livable but hope to be residing there in February. It will be nice to be closer to some good hills and a public track (Joe Walker MS).

Zach and I did 4x repeats up to the top of the hill which I think is between 1/5 and 1/4 mile long. My times were :70, :71, :80, :76. Then we did 4x short hills that each took about 15 seconds.

Somewhere in the middle would be perfect where the hill takes about :30 to :45 seconds to complete because you could still run them hard but you could do lots of them.

I finished with a cool down back to the new house on a more direct route. It is about 2 mile from the new house to the killer hill. Total mileage was an estimated 6 miles today.

After we were through with the hill repeats we talked about other future workouts we could do there. Doing these hill workouts 3-4x/month will help me lower my mile time towards my goal of 4:55 and improve my form and running economy.

Stay tuned for future workouts on this hill!

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