Saturday, January 3, 2009

7 mile easy run (52:27)

It was a little windy this morning at 7 am. I think I am getting spoiled by the great weather we are having because to avoid the little wind that we had I ran mostly north and south as to only have a cross wind. I ran 7 miles in 52:27 (avg pace 7:29). Mile splits: 8:15, 7:47, 7:44, 7:18, 7:05, 7:12, 7:03.

After the run I did some form drills (skips for height, skips for distance, butt kickers, high knees) and then did 4x accelerations.

I got the new issue of Runner's World today. It is a good issue with articles on core training, kinesiotaping, and the impact of age on endurance. They list the marathon world records for every age group. The oldest person to run a sub 3 hour marathon was 73 years old (2:54:48) He beats me by 4 minutes!

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Anonymous said...

I still have 24 years to break 3 hours. I should relax.