Thursday, April 15, 2010

Active Weekend!

I have lots of friends competing this weekend in all kinds of events.

Sergio Reyes is running the Olympic Development 5k at the Mt SAC Relays Friday night at 9:30pm. Watch for live stream of the race on Flotrack. Sergio, if you are reading this what is your prediction? Are you ready to go under 14 min? He is also running a road 5k Sunday in the Bay area.

Clay and I are running the Leona Divide 50 miler on Saturday!
Clay's son Zac has a track meet also on Saturday where he is running the 1600m and 800m!

Ron is competing in the Rage Olympic Distance Triathlon Saturday at Lake Mead!

Dale is running the Boston Marathon on Monday!

It will be an exciting weekend.
Good luck to everyone competing!

I have shut down any running until Saturday. I am frustrated that I always have to "shut it down" before a big race, just to make it to the starting line feeling good. My achilles feels great but Tuesday I started to have some heel pain on my right foot! I switched shoes today and it feels better. Geez can't I just get to the starting line feeling decent? You would think a P.T. could get the job done.

I leave you with three commercials from the Jamaican tourism board. My favorite is the first one.


Anonymous said...

Active Weekend is right. Karl's road to Boston and beyond.

Sometimes it's the "beyond" that can put fear in ya.

Dale Lister said...

You are going to do great Karl!!!!

Can't wait to hear about it.

I loved the first video! So much that I posted it on facebook. I would have put it on my blog, but I figure pretty much anyone who sees my blog, sees yours!

Chuck said...

Best wishes this Saturday. Looking forward to reading all about it.

Thank you for the heads up on Sergio's 5K. I will watch it on Flotrack. Enjoyed the Jamaica commercials.