Monday, April 26, 2010

Lateral right knee pain

I ran 5 miles this morning but was limited by lateral right knee pain. I had discomfort in this area (lateral femoral condyle) during most of the LD50. The ITBand just rubbed and rubbed for 9 hours. It is the limiting factor in any progression in my training. I didn't want to run any farther today.

It also stopped me after a four mile run last Thursday.

Here is the link to an article on Amy Palmiero-Winters (first amputee to qualify for Western States 100 and a US Track & Field team for the 24 hour world championship run). Awesome!


Ron said...

may be some stretching, foam rolling, and myofascial release.....

Daniel said...

Sorry about the knee. My feet & knees have felt good since I moved into my 1225s. I'm hoping I'm singing the same tune after Sunday's Half in Orange County! Take it easy, get some cross training in.