Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eating on the run!

One question I get asked about this ultra-marathon thing is "What do you eat when you are running for 9 hours?" It is a very good question and some things I ate during the Leona Divide might surprise you. Here is my list in no particular order:

3 accel gels (vanilla, orange, chocolate)
3 Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich squares
2 Starbursts
1/2 a vanilla cookie
1 bag of strawberry Gu Chomps
1 orange popsicle
2 cups of coca-cola
2 24oz bottles of accelerade
1 handfull of gummy bears
2 peanut butter pretzels
1 handfull of goldfish crackers
5 salt tablets
4 24oz bottles of carb pro (electrolyte drink)
1 fruit gummi
1 saltine cracker
8 1in. banana slices
5 orange wedges
2 watermelon squares
1 Kashi chocolate almond bar


Stutelberg Family said...

Okay, so have you calculated a guess on how many calories you consumed?

Daniel said...

I heard that some ultra runners call a pizza place & have a pizza delivered to where they will be in like 30 minutes. Then, they roll it up and munch on the whole pizza over the next several miles. Sound appetizing?

Karl Stutelberg said...

I think you are referring to some Dean Karnazes lore, and I don't think he does that unless he is going 50+miles. Actually, I don't think he really does it that often. I believe his pizza of choice is hawaiian style. I don't know if I could stomach something that heavy!