Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3 in the rain, 2 on the treadmill

Not because of the rain but because Andi works on Wednesday so I have to be back at the house by 6:40. I didn't wake up til 5:50 so I jetted out the door and did 3 miles on the road. It was sprinkling rain and no wind, a very pleasant run (wish I could have been out there longer). My right leg held up well to the hills around my house. It still gets tight later in the day. I got home before Andi left and hopped on the treadmill for another 2 miles. The boys came in and watched me run. "Daddy you are running fast!"

Another great post by Coach Vern Gambetta.

Being the Best – Take Action Now
Here are some thoughts I put together for a team I was working with. In bold are the qualities with an explanation, but those are just qualities. Underneath each item you see the word action. I asked each team member to write out the action they were going to take to achieve the desired end result. Over the years I have learned it is too easy to set goals or to talk about being the best, unless those goals are followed up by specific actions it just is a very temporary feel good process. Each individual needs to take control and decide on the they action they will take. They must establish ownership. Do not recommend or assign an action for them.
Be Smart - Work on something specific each day. Have a plan! Train with a purpose. Improvement is incremental. Does not have to be big. Small steps lead to big steps.

Pressure is what you make it! Embrace it. Put yourself in pressure situations to learn. Use the pressure to make you better, internalize it and use it as a positive influence.

Belief – If you don’t believe in yourself who will? Think you are the best and you are on your way. Confidence, believe in yourself, your preparation and in your support system.

Routine – Great athletes do the same thing, the same way, at the same time each day. Regularity. You can set a clock by the routines of the great ones.

Work- Everyone works. The great ones work smarter with a sense of purpose. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses objectively. Then work to minimize your weaknesses and optimize your strengths. Bring your weaknesses up to the level of your strengths.

Choices - It is always about choices. Make the conscious choice to be the best. Life is constantly about choices.
Without ACTION these are all just words.Take ACTION now!

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