Sunday, October 24, 2010

Easy 8

October has been great for running weather, until this week. We had hail and rain earlier this week and the wind has barely let up. It was breezy this morning. I got out the long sleeved shirt but probably didn't need it quite yet. I took it easy, my right calf still feels weak and "on the verge" of something worse. No music, no watch, I am estimating 8 miles, no idea how long it took me. Felt like 8:30 pace. I'm kind of dreading Santa Clarita in two weeks after the results from Wednesday's steady state run.

Andi was supposed to drive down to Huntington Beach for a 10 miler on Saturday but she bailed since we had such a busy weekend. She still got in a run with her friend Dawn that morning in Acton. I did not run on Saturday, and there is no such thing as sleeping in at my house. My boys are both up around 6:00am, sometimes earlier.

We went to Homecoming at CLU on Saturday and had a 3rd birthday party for my son Micah on Sunday. Great fun!

Race Results: Dale ran a PR at the Huntington Distance Derby 10 miler, breaking 70 minutes for the first time in 68:14! I could tell that was coming. Congratulations Dale!


Ron said...

Boy that darn calf will not let up. I am have been trying to determine if I should send you a skeleton "protocol" for muscle strains. Although we have not ruled out plantaris or popliteus tear. I have not ever written it out but it is a very interesting phenomenon. Let me know.

Dale Lister said...

Thanks Karl! It was encouraging going into the race knowing you thought I could have a big PR, even if I wasn't so sure.
Too bad you guys couldn't make it. The distance derby is an nice race!

Chuck said...

Sorry to hear that your calf is still giving you problems! I really thought that after your 18 mile trail run a few weeks ago that the problem was behind you. That was a tough test!