Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another 8 mile aqueduct run

I set out for another 8 miles on the aqueduct this morning. It was beautiful out there much like the sky yesterday. The aqueduct was like glass. I felt good the entire run and for the first time in a while, felt like I could have gone farther. I finished the 8 miles in just over 61 minutes and was cruising at 7:30 pace for most of the way. My calf was good all day until now. Currently it is tight and tired.

Chuck finished the New Hampshire Marathon in 3:55 today. He said it was beautiful but hilly and his knee is a little sore. I hope it holds up in Maine tomorrow. Good luck Chuck!

Twin Cities will be streamed live on tomorrow morning. Sergio has a good shot at winning I think coming off a great track season. Fernando Cabada will be the competition, he sure is a cocky son of a gun. It should be a great race.

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