Thursday, December 30, 2010

26 feels like 14!

Wouldn't it be nice if I was talking about miles? Well, I'm actually talking about degrees farenheit. The forcast for this morning at 6:00am was 26 degrees but the wind chill would make it feel like 14 degrees. I think it was actually a few degrees colder than that. Dale met me at my house at 5:40am and we took off around the Rancho Vista area. The houses blocked a good amount of the wind so we tried to stay within the neighborhoods. We had a nice easy run and finished 9 miles then I headed out for one more mile to complete 10 in 86 minutes (avg 8:30). I think the wind picked up during the run because it seemed to get colder. My hands were the limiting factor today and by the end they were throbbing. It was probably the coldest run of the year. Thanks Dale for the company. I never would have made it 10 in that weather alone.

I was trying to find a list of the best US marathon times for 2010 and finally found one. It is a list of all the Olympic trials qualifiers to date. After picking out all the times run in 2010 I realized that Sergio's 2:14:02 at Twin Cities was the 10th fastest US marathon time this year (and two of those are Meb)! He is ranked 12th of all the qualifiers thus far (some people qualified in 2009). He is in some pretty good company. The Olympic Trials Marathon for men and women is scheduled for January 14th in Houston, TX. Check out the men's qualifiers list here.


Chuck said...

Nice job getting out and running 10 miles in the cold. I like your title to this post. Thank you for the link to the list of marathon qualifiers. I will enjoy studying it.

Karl Stutelberg said...

I knew you would like that list Chuck! Who are your picks? Will Meb make the team again?

Chuck said...

Back on your August 13th post I picked Ryan Hall, Dathan Ritzenhein & Jason Lehmkuhle. Even with Ryan's troubles I think that I will stick with my picks, but it would not surprise me if Meb makes the team. After reading his book it would be hard to ever rule him out. I am looking forward to seeing how Sergio runs in 2011. I believe he has a shot!

As for the women, I will stick to my August 13th picks.