Friday, February 25, 2011

Denver International Airport

We had a layover in Devner on our way to Minnesota today. The boys needed to "get some wiggles out" so I took them for a walk around the terminal. We were going to ride the "moving sidewalk." As we were walking I saw a man that I recognized. It was multiple Olympic gold medalist and 400m record world record holder Michael Johnson. I told the boys, "we have to go back and get the camera." The boys meanwhile just want to get to the moving walkway. We returned and I introduced myself to Mr. Johnson and asked if he didn't mind taking a picture with me and my boys. He obliged and I asked the gentleman who he was talking to if he would take the picture. When he turned around I realized it was Brian Clay, Olympic gold medalist in the Decathalon in Beijing! I was so suprised I didn't know what to say except ask to have my picture taken with him as well! So Brian Clay took the picture of us with Micheal Johson, and Michael Johnson took the picture of us with Brian Clay. Here are the pictures.
Andi says I should work for the FBI with my abilities to recognize people, especially celebrities and athletes, in their street clothes.
An extra tid bit on Brian Clay that I just read online. Before the Beijing Olympics Brian completed the SPARQ test which objectively measures athleticism in certain sports. He scored a 130.4 on the football test which was the highest score ever recorded. To put that score into perspecitve, Reggie Bush (NFL Running Back) scored a 93.38!


Chuck said...

Those are a couple of great pictures! I am also amazed at your ability to identify athletes. I saw this ability first hand at the track meet at Occidental College last May.

Dale Lister said...

Nice.... I would not have recognized either of them.