Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I got double booked!

I just found out two days ago that my niece Lydia's bapstism was scheduled for February 6th and Andi and I were to be Godparents! That is the same morning as the Surf City Marathon. Unfortunately, I will not be running this Sunday as my neice neice and her family need my support. The marathon will always be there waiting. I can't miss this important event. I will miss seeing Clay, Dale, Lauren, Chuck, David, and Ron, but I know that you will all do awesome. I expect some great things out there on Sunday.

I have new announcement that I need your help with. I signed up today to participate in the American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb up the Accenture Tower in Minneapolis, MN on February 26th, 2011. I have wanted to participate in one of these events for the past year but the dates never worked out. The event I would really like to try is called Scale the Strat, which is a timed run up the Stratosphere Tower 108 floors in Las Vegas, NV. That date again didn't fit into my schedule, but the event in Minnesota did. I will be headed out there for my dad's 60th birthday in March. The Accenture Tower is 30 floors, not much compared to the Stratosphere, but I will be competing in the Ultimate Climber Challenge. This is a competition to see who can climb to the top of the building the most times in one hour. They say the average time is 15 minutes. I would like to think I am above average. Can I make it up 5 times and average 12 min per climb? Or can I make it 6 times and average 10 minutes per climb? The cool part is I get to take the elevator down each time so it is like one BIG interval workout and I don't have to kill my quads on the way down. Well take bets on how many times I can make it later. Right now I need your help to raise 200 dollars for the American Lung Association.

Make a pledge for me here!

And thank you in advance.

My mileage total for January was 97! Yeah, I wasn't really ready for this marathon anyway. My last and only 20 mile training run was over a month ago December 31st, 2010.


Dale Lister said...

Wow. Your not going to Surf City!?!?!

The tower climb sounds interesting. I was going to say "fun" but I really don't like climbing hills.....

Chuck said...

You will be missed! The OC Marathon is only 3 months away!