Saturday, February 21, 2009

10 mile run (1:16:18)

I ran out to the new house this morning to move some things in the garage for the exterminator who was coming by later. It ended up being a 10 miler with the first five miles averaging 8:00 pace and the last 5 miles averaging 7:00 pace. There was one mile on the way back that I hit about 6:40 and didn't feel too hard. I had planned on doing a little faster finish but the legs felt a little stiff this morning.

I also got a leg workout moving boxes this afternoon.

Many of my friends were racing today.
My buddy Ron from Las Vegas finished his first ever triathlon under is "A" Goal time in about 1:27. It was a sprint distance and it sounds like it was a good learning experience and he was happy with his time. He is registered for an Olympic distance triathlon on April 18th.

Clay and Dale ran the Bakersfield Half Marathon with some other High Desert Runners this morning. Dale PR'd in 1:36:30 and Clay was right behind in 1:37:27. Clay ran at his marathon goal pace for December. He is focusing his training on the OC half Marathon on May 3rd to break 1:30!

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