Sunday, February 22, 2009

Short run and HDR Dinner

This morning I got in a short 4 mile run which included one mile with my beagle Emma, and 3 miles at marathon pace. At least it felt like marathon pace (6:40). I didn't turn my watch on. It was a great morning for a run. I couldn't get out of bed early enough to go longer. Here is a picture of the sky after I finished my run today. Awesome! It looked like we were under the water looking up at the surface. I just realized the date is wrong on my camera, by 21 years and 6 days. I'll have to fix that.
The picture was really taken today 02/22/09 at about 9:15 am.

The High Desert Runner annual dinner was tonight and Clay and I were recognized with a service award for our running clinics and articles in the newsletter. It was great to meet some people that read this blog. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions about training, injuries, or running in general.

Check out Ron's Blog, for pictures and commentary from his first triathlon.

Finally, Happy Birthday Clark!

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Anonymous said...


It was nice meeting you last night at the HDR dinner. I really enjoy reading your blog. I find it very informative and helpful. Looking forward to seeing you again at the OC Marathon.

Chuck Fieland