Sunday, June 28, 2009

8 miler in Quartz Hill (62:50)

I got out later than I had hoped this morning. I left at 6:30am. It is starting to heat up around here. I only had time for an hour so I did an 8 mile loop that included 3 x .5 mile hills that I pushed a little harder. It is a fun loop when you push up for .5 miles then cruise down for .5 miles, then repeat. It was getting hot and I did not carry fluid with me this time.

If you are out this summer running for more than 45 minutes I would recommend taking something other than water with you (gatorade, accelerade, etc). It will help replenish the electrolytes lost in your sweat and give you some carbs for added energy. Water alone will not cut it for exercise >45 min. Please take at least water on every run >80 degrees outside. If you are just taking water, a salt tablet before the run will help quite a bit. Anything to avoid hyponatremia.

I finished a two day course today on kinesiotaping. It was a great course and although I was using the tape before I now feel I have a much better understanding of different applications. I learned some great techniques for shin spints, different types of knee pains, IT Band friction syndrome, and many others.

Here is a video of Susan Kuijken NCAA 1500m champion from Florida State University after a semifinal race. She is wearing kinesiotape on her left knee. A good idea, except that from what I learned this weekend, the tape is on upside down. It is facilitating her quad in open chain not in closed chain as I suspect her trainer intended. Watch video here, taping shown at exactly 2 minutes.

USA track and field championships ended today. Michelle Perry, a Quartz Hill graduate and former World Champion, made the final but did not run. I am not sure what happended if she was injured or false started in the final or something else. Hey there "Delilah DiCrescenzo" made the final of the women's steeplechase but finished 9th. Jordan Hasay won the junior women's 1500m in 4:18!

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Anonymous said...

I watched the US Track Championships on Sunday and there were many athletes with Kinisiotaped shoulders and legs. We are going to have to get the blue and black tape that says "Hey look at me".
Zac and I got very hot running on the Aqueduct. Warm Gatorade does not cut it. I think the Aduct runs 10 degrees warmer because of lack of foliage.