Friday, June 26, 2009


Thursday nights in the summer there is a High Desert Runner cross country series which is open for anyone to participate. There is a 1 mile race followed by a 3 mile race. You can even run both if you wish. Last year I ran the 3 mile course on two separate occasions and broke 20 minutes on my second attempt (it's a pretty tough course). I ran the mile for the first time in exactly 6 minutes. I thought I would be under but my official time was 6:00. It was super windy too.

When I got home I remembered that the USA track and field championships started that night and was being streamed live on flotrack all weekend. I caught the last 3 laps of the men's 10k and saw Galen Rupp win! If you want to watch some live championship track and field check it out here.

Friday morning I got in a solid 9 miles in just under 8:00 pace. I ran on some of the same roads that I will run on the 30 miler. The mornings have finally been great for running!

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Chuck said...

I watched both of the 10k's & the 5k's last night. I really enjoyed the races and the post interviews.

Dathan kept running 64's with Galen sitting on him. I knew that Galen would start his kick with about 500 meters to go. In my opinion Galen had the advantage of running in the NCAA's, while Dathan was coming off the London Marathon. I am not taking anything away from Galen, he is a very good young runner. So far this year Tim Nelson has really looked good.

In the women's 10k Shalane should of never let it come down to a kick. With Kara running the 5K, I believe that she was by far the best runner in the field. She looked like she was running a track workout with Amy Begley.

The men's 5K was a sweep for the Oregon TC Elite. I had the opportunity to talk with Evan Jager after his 1500m race at the Adidas Track Classic. He is a very nice guy! German Fernandez is really going to be someone to keep an eye on.

Jen Rhines gave it a great effort in the women's 5k, but Kara is just to good. I really enjoy watching Kara race. She seems like such a nice person!

Looking forward to running with you in a week.