Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday 12 miler!

I took Monday and Tuesday off work because my dad is in town for only a few days and I don't get to see him too often. Since I didn't get a run in on Saturday, and my con-ed course was Sat and Sun, I was able to bump my "long run" for the week to Monday. I ran 4 miles on my own, then picked up Andi and we ran 6 together (we took it easy, she has a cold), and finished with an extra 2, for a total of 12 miles in about 1:38 (avg pace 8:10). It was slightly windy at times but not too bad. This will be my last run longer than 1 hour before the 30 miler on July 5th. Time to start preparing my body with more fluids, carbs, and rest.

Total mileage for June was 148 miles! Total mileage for half the year is 627 miles!
I looked back to last May and June and found that I had only run 184 miles total between the two months. This years May and June totaled 295! Interestingly my total for the first 6 months of 2008 was 624 (only 3 less than this year). What does this mean? It means that this summer base mileage will give me more to build on if I maintain for fall racing!

Clay, I found this post on Runners World by Amby Burfoot and thought of you. It is right up your alley! Check it out here.


Ron said...

THATS HILARIOUS! Clay would like it because of the asthma?

Karl Stutelberg said...

No, more because I know he loves all three rowing, biking and running. Also, he would be good at an event like that. And finally, it would make for a great workout if he had all three machines (he has talked about getting a concept2 rower).

Chuck said...

I can really appreciate you making your father your priority. I lost my father suddenly two years ago. I would give anything to have a couple of days with him.