Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 mile long run and 2010 goals

I didn't get out the door for my run today until after 2 pm. We have all had some degree of colds over the past two days and there wasn't a lot of sleeping going on in our house last night. I wanted to get out on some trail today to officially start my training for the Leona Divide 50 mile run in April 2010. Yes I said 50 miles! Clay and I have been talking about doing this race for over the past year and we are starting to get more serious about it. Although both of us are not officially registered, and without talking to each other, we both hit the trails today (see Clay's blog). The closest trail to my house that has some good hills is the one that parallels the aqueduct. I can get up there in about 1.5 miles taking 55th street south to the end. I then explored the trail for the next 3.5 miles, almost making it to Highland High School. By the time I got down that far I was tired and decided to take the aqueduct back to 60th. 3.5 miles on the trail and I was too tired? I would say I have some work to do (46.5 to go). I was working on poor sleep and not much lunch. It was fun to do some trail running. I plan on trying to do some running on trails every week leading up to April 17th. The race is 33.7 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail and 16.3 miles on dirt fire roads, and it starts about 20 minutes from my house. Our goal is to finish, hopefully in less than 10 hours. Ultras are much cheaper per mile than most marathons out there. The Los Angeles Marathon this year is $125 to enter ($4.77 per mile). The LD50 is $75 dollars to enter ($1.50 per mile).

My run today took me 1 hour 23 minutes but I was averaging just over 9 minute miles on the trail and about 7:45 on the way home. I had no left knee pain and finally felt like I had my legs back, kind of. I can't believe that it is only 4 weeks since CIM. It seems like so long ago already.

So here are the running goals for 2010:
1. I will finish the Leona Divide 50 mile run in less than 10 hours.
2. I will run a sub 18 minute 5k at the Newhall Independence Day race.
3. I will run a sub 5 minute 1600m in 2010.
4. I will run a personal course record (currently 19:57) at the summer cross country series.
5. I will run a sub 1:23 half marathon in the fall (not sure which one yet).
6. I will run 1600 miles in 2010.

Short term goals: To run to my sister-in-law's house in Acton from my house by the end of January. I have no idea how far it is but I have looked at the route on Google earth and estimate 15 miles. We'll see how close I guessed.

What are your personal running goals for 2010? If they involve improving your running form make sure you watch this video of a marathon winner in Japan. I think he could have taken 2 more minutes off his time if he had just relaxed his jaw, his arms are another story!


Daniel said...

Have you tried You can plot any course you like & get an accurate prediction of how far it is to the house in Acton. Solid goals! Stay healthy!

DCHS XC said...

Zac ran 10 miles this morning in mountains 1:26 I had a great workout on mtn bike trying to keep up. Hey at $1.50 per mile for LD-50 I may just do it in 12 hours to get my money's worth.

Chuck said...

Glad to hear that your knee felt good! Those are some very challenging goals. I believe that they should all be achievable for you. Your breakdown of the cost per mile is very interesting. I've never thought of it in that way. That makes running 5k's very expensive! I just noticed that the cost to run the 2010 NYC is $185! On top of that to get an guarantee entry you have to meet their very tough qualifying times.

18-39 yrs old.........sub 2:55
40-49 ................sub 3:10
50-59 ................sub 3:30

It is really amazing that the guy in the video could run a 2:16 marathon with that form! My short term goal for 2010 is to get healthy enough to train & complete my 21st consecutive LA Marathon. I have registered for the Surf City Half, but with only 5 weeks to race day that does not look good.

Dale Lister said...

I think I put goals on my blog, but I want to PR at Boston and PR or PCR at all the other distances....
And do one race at 75% age adjusted... and do 2500 miles.....

Stutelberg Family said...

OK! 2010 here we come...Great goals!

Karl Stutelberg said...

I'm sure you have done the math but 2500 miles is 48 miles per week but if you factor in a few taper weeks and recovery weeks and divide by 48 instead of 52, you get 52 miles per week. It looks like you will have to maintain above 50 miles per week to reach your goal. If anyone can do it you can!

Ron said...

your a machine...

E. Stutelberg said...

50 miles makes you crazy...but at least you're not running 4000 miles across Africa. Right?