Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 miles on treadmill (39:40)

Although this morning would have been a nice day to get out on the roads before more rain, I decided to stay warm and wear shorts and a t-shirt and hit the treadmill again. I just set the incline to 2.0 today and ran around 8:00 pace for 40 minutes easy, this time watching a Maroon 5 concert. Matt came in with about 15 minutes to go and watched me run and listened to music.

Some race results from this weekend.
Sergio Reyes was 4th at the Naples, FL half marathon in 1:07:43 on some lower mileage training.
Justin Patananan, also of Palmdale was 35th at the Houston half marathon in 1:08:44.

Brett Vaughn of Black Hawk, CO said it best in a post race interview after finishing his first half marathon in Houston. He described the feeling of last 3 miles of the race as if, "he was dreaming that he was being chased, and running through the mud!" Man that is right on! He still ran 3rd in 1:02:04!

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Chuck said...

Thank you for the information on Sergio & Justin. I guess that I did not scroll down the list far enough to see Justin. What a deep field, he runs 1:08:44 and finishes 35th! I am surprised that Sergio traveled all the way to Florida instead of running in Houston. After reading your post, I read the race report on the the Runner's World site.