Saturday, January 23, 2010

Running after the rain and pacing Zac

I met Clay and Zac at Quartz Hill HS this morning to help pace Zac on his second mile of a 3200m time trial. We had a great view of the snow covered Tahachapi Mountains from the track. Zac's goal was to run the first mile in 6:00 and the second mile in 5:40. I got my warm up in and then kept loose while he ran his first 4 laps. He went through in 6:04 and I took off ahead of him to help him pick up the pace. We went through the first lap in 87 and got continuously faster 84, 83, then on the last lap he took off while my legs tied up on the back stretch. He finished in 11:35, his last mile was 5:31 (the same time he ran one year ago when I paced him for an all out mile). I faded toward the end and jogged in around 5:47. I did a cool down and then ran another 5 miles with Clay for a total of 8 miles for the day. I have been having some plantar fascia tightness in my right foot so I did an ice bath when I got home.

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